Jeroen Cats

12 11 1975 - 18 07 2007

Altijd onstuitbaar, toch abrupt gestopt...

Always in top gear,..... yet abruptly stopped.

update jan 2013
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Dear visitor,

you are entering the site of Jeroen Cats, who created this site in 1996. Jeroen was fond of Citroens and Maseratis.

Jeroen is no longer with us, due to his fatal car crash in 2007. This website however is kept alive on requests of many followers and friends all over the world, who share Jeroenís passion for these cars, and keep our menory for Jeroen alive.

Although the site is still kept the same as Jeroen left it, every now and then updates are made as far as the cars are concerned that are part of our collection.

For Citroen cars, these updates can be found when visiting the museum. For the updates concerning his Maseratiís, please click this link here.

For contact you can use this link: contact.

Jan. 2013, Wiljan Cats